Internationales PuppenFestival Neustadt b. Coburg and Sonneberg 2021


All implementation options are being verified in the context of the Max-Oscar-Arnold-Award for Contemporary Doll Art. However, for this year, it has been determined that no international MOA art awarding is taking place. The Max-Oscar-Arnold-Award 2021 is discussed to be hosted either throughout Europe, or if even necessary, as a matter of fact only in Germany. The final decision will be officialised end of March.

Stay healthy! 

With kind regards

Dr. Heiko Voigt


Frank Rebhan
Lord Mayor
Neustadt b. Coburg



Prize winners 2002

Lehner von Lemcke, Maria Luise (D), Bretar, Martine (B), Wegner, Hildegard (D), Stenek, Berni (A), Haukenfrers, Uwe & Peper, Jürgen, Lommel-Lessau, Doris (D), Danker, Eva (D), Hofmann, Jan (D), Kläß, Maries (D), Ulbel, Gabriele (A), Kohlschmidt, Anne (D), Beinlich, Maren (D)
Complete Works: Lichtenfels, Lisa Lorraine (USA)

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